Songs by My Friends and Me

At Christmastime

A lovely Christmas tune by Scott Woodman.

Brainwave Surfin'

Just like the Beach Boys, but without all the talent.


My heartbreaking heartbreak song about heartbreak.

Bury Me (With My Feet Up In The Air)

You can’t take ’em with you.

Can’t Get Over You

Not a heartbreak song at all.

Can’t Stop Thinkin'

Puzzling (as we all do) about how love works.


How songs are really written.

Easy Now

Scott Woodman and Dave Pence’s lovely cover of a lovely Eric Clapton tune.

Eat the Animals

Kids love this one. Their parents do not.

Hamburger Disguise

A ballad about getting the wrong order at McDonald’s, winning the pulitzer prize, and being assassinated by an angry clown.

In the Middle

An instrumental ditty. (unfinished demo)

King of Time

To win the game, you have to knock everyone else out of time.

Never a Taxi

The availability of taxis is inversely proportional to your need for one.

Pardon Me

There really was a Karen. Briefly. Until this song scared her away.

Planet of My Own

Sometimes you just want a little solitude.

Run Over Again

Run over me once, shame on me…

Song About It

Our homage to Neil Young, with a brilliant guitar solo by Ttïmm.

Sugar, Sugar

Yes, that “Sugar, Sugar.”

Walk Away

One way to avoid heartbreak. (unfinished demo)