I've posted mp3s of Coincidence on my Songs page.

Songwriting. Words and Music: Scott Woodman.


The Story. Scott wrote this wonderful song. He invited me over one night to learn it, and we tweaked it in just a few places. One tweak is that, I think, the two of us play different chords in a few places—and not just different forms of the same chord. Another tweak is the switch to 3/4 time during the chorus and the two measure "turnaround" that bumps us back into the 4/4 feel of the verses. Both tweaks are nice twists that fit the "coincidence" theme.

This song marks a first for Scott and me. On our earlier recordings, I'd worked out the solos on my own, in advance. This time, Scott and I constructed the solo together. I tried various things, and Scott repeatedly nudged me to "try something else." Maybe something weird, or maybe repeat that phrase, but play it a little higher. This solo turned out quite different from my usual style at the time—overall it's more melodic. And we put in a few "coincidental" bits, like playing one note an octave lower than feels natural, and ending with a monkey wrench on that unresolved fourth.

I love this song. It's one of my favorite of Scott's songs. But then, I say that about a lot of Scott's songs.


Recording. Recorded in 1982 on a TEAC four-track stereo reel-to-reel.