Up until now, I've used Movable Type to publish my weblogs. For a number of reasons, which I won't go into here, I have written my own blogging system.

Before I use my new system on my business weblog ( Conversations with Dale ), I want to make sure it works here on my not-so-serious blog, Twelfth Root of Two.

I'd like your help to make sure it works. One of my goals is for everything to look the same as it did before. (Well, almost the same — see below.) So please poke around a bit, to make sure everything looks right.

I'm especially eager to learn whether the commenting system works correctly. Please test that by adding a comment or two. If you find an interesting entry that you want to comment about, do that. Otherwise, just post a comment for this entry, and let me know that you're "just testing." I'll remove the "just testing" comments later.

There is one thing that I want to look different. The pages that show multiple entries — the home page and the archive pages — now show summaries instead of full entries. I'm not sure yet whether I will prefer this. Let me know what you think.